Commercial Arcade Machines

WOW your customers' with 100% contactless commercial arcade machines. Quality retro multi-game commercial arcade games for sale or rental allowing customers' to play all the classic arcade games in 1 commercial grade arcade machine. Cashless arcade machines will increase your revenue without the hassle of change or coin jams. 
Cashless Commercial Arcade Machine
You can get a new multi-game arcade machine on rental for just £29 +VAT a week or outright purchase -  Contact us for more details.

Non coin operated commercial arcade machines with a card reader - 100% cashless for your venue.

The fabulous benefits of contactless payments on our commercial arcade machines
  • Significant Revenue for your Venue.
  • Use your own ‘free to play’ contactless cards to generate £££s' by treating new & existing customers by giving them free arcade play if they book your services, or when they order extra items off the menu or at the bar.
  • 30 fantastic classic games for your customers to play - Space Invaders, PacMan, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Street Fighter, Defender, OutRun, Track & Field + many more all in 1 machine!!
  • There is no cash or change for you to manage - 100% contactless.
  • Unlike cash, everyone has a phone or contactless card on them.
  • No coins means nothing to get jammed.
  • No jams means visitors are happier because our multi-game arcade machines are rarely out of action.
  • And that increases your ability to generate revenue.
  • Fantastic selection of classic and retro games on each machine.
  • You track the machine's status and revenue 24x7 through a mobile phone app.
  • You don’t even need an extra venue license - it isn't a gambling machine.
  • Teenagers of all ages love them.
  • The £1 credit is affordable and can provide fantastic value for money.
  • We install and maintain our machines and provide support to you and your customers.
  • Machines are UKCA safety certified and have product / public liability insurance of £10 million.
  • No internet connection required, only a 4g mobile data signal.

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Commercial arcade machines

Commercial contactless Arcade Machines for Universities, Bars, Pubs & Holiday Parks and Caravan Parks.

Arcade machines for Universities and colleges

You can find our contactless arcade machines in many of the UK's leading Universities, providing students with the best gaming experience and choice of games for just £1 per play.

Students love playing arcade games and our Arcade Machine package for Universities and Colleges fulfils all their gaming needs and generates significant incremental revenue for the University / college.

As our Arcade Machines only take contactless payments there’s no change for your staff to deal with, or jams to clear – you don’t even need an extra venue license. You can even track the machine status and revenue generated with your very own mobile phone app.

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Arcade Machines for University and Colleges

Arcade Machines for Bars, Pubs and games venues

We have contactless multi-game arcade machines in many Bars, Pubs and gaming venues.

If you have a busy bar or a gaming venue with games such as bowling, darts, pool, shuffle board or pinball, why not add a stunning full size contactless retro arcade machine or two and give your customers a thrill and at the same time generate significant extra income for your venue? Available on rental, purchase or revenue share basis, contact us today to see how an arcade machine can benefit your venue.

Arcade Machines for pubs and bars

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Arcade Machines for Holiday Parks & Caravan Parks

Arcade Machines for Holiday Parks

Offering visitors gaming arcades has become increasingly popular as a great way to keep visitors happy, not to mention being another source of income.

Full sized retro arcade machines taking contactless payments of £1 a time placed in the bar or games entertainment area can generate significant revenue and add variety to your offering.

Multi-game retro arcade games playing all the classic games are loved by kids, teenagers, students and adults and would be a great addition to your holiday park bar or entertainment area.

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