The Arcade WOW team has pre-selected all of the features we like in an arcade machine and put them together with no compromises in one premium quality build for you to enjoy. All you have to think about is which theme you like best - a task in itself with the classics you get to choose from!

Themes and specification

Choose from Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Defender, Star Wars, Asteroids, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Donkey Kong, Galaga and Arcade WOW, or we can help you create your own bespoke design.

  • 15,000+ games
  • Illuminated marquee
  • Themed bezel
  • Stunning artwork that’s a true tribute to the arcade classics
  • 24” HD screen
  • 120-watt speakers with a kick-a** sub-woofer (don’t worry, you can control the volume or use headphones)
  • Quality 8-way American style joysticks
  • Illuminated buttons with chrome surround
  • Remote controlled multi-colour under glow
  • Rear castors for easy tilt and move
  • Hi-score save (most games)
  • Full size - height 165cm x width 64cm x max depth 60cm
  • Our machines are hand built in Great Britain and come fully assembled