We are passionate about building high quality video arcade machines and we are delighted that shines through in our service and product reviews.

We can make you a bespoke themed arcade machine or you can choose from our range of Space Invaders arcade machines, Pac Man arcade machines, Asteroids arcade machines, and many more 80's arcade machine favourites. See what our customers have to say.

5 star review
Absolutely made up with my arcade machine. A quality build, looks great and sounds amazing!
Customer service from Rob is second to none, nothing is too much trouble for him to make sure that the machine is perfect for you. If you're thinking about buying an arcade machine to play all the classics from the 80's, 90's and more, then I would HIGHLY recommend Arcade WOW !!!
Lee Pentith
Jun 4, 2024

5 star review
100% service from start to finish. You can trust this seller without having to worry. You will always get a speedy reply, even at a weekend. Nothing is too much trouble for Rob. The machine looks and sounds amazing. I would recommend Rob and his machines to anyone.
Darren Leach
Apr 12, 2024

5 star review
Excellent service from dropping the machine off..Not pushy to get off, explained about the machine.We would have enjoyed more help with information on top games/favs played as spent hours tryng to figure out how to play them. Rob was really helpful and anything you ask he knows..Thanks for a great experience Rob.
Paul Flood
Mar 5, 2024

5 star review
Hi, I am writing the review that I wish I had been able to read before buying this fantastic arcade machine. I will break it down into a few different parts.
Build Quality:
I bought a Pac Man machine, mainly because my wife liked the colours on it and I thought it important to involve her! However, all of the machines will be of the same quality, which is simply excellent. It really is just like having a 1980s or early 1990s arcade machine in your own home. It looks great, weighs enough to feel like the ‘real thing’ and confuses guests into thinking that it is an old, but perfectly preserved, arcade machine. Until they find out that it has another 15,000 games of course!
Whichever machine you buy, it will have over 15,000 games built in to it. The only difference will be which old arcade machine it looks like. I have now tried a huge amount of the games and the vast majority work perfectly. I am incredibly impressed by this, however, not quite every single game will necessarily work perfectly and so if you are desperate to play particular old school games then please contact Rob before ordering your machine and I’m sure he will be able to confirm whether certain games will play perfectly.
This has been so much fun to play with friends and family! My wife loves arcade Tetris, friends who remember arcade games from the 80s and 90s love Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Space Invaders, Chase HQ, etc. The strangest thing though is that friends (and family and parents) who have never played an arcade machine love it just as much! It has become an amazing source of fun for my parents in their 80s and my son and his friends in their early 20s. More importantly I love it!
Rob owns the business and Brian delivers the machines. I live on the South Coast and yet still Brian delivered my machine at the expected time and took his time to show me how to use it, which was great and it is very simple to use.
I haven’t had any problems so I cannot comment on the ability to resolve issues, however, from what I read before I ordered I believe that Rob will go above and beyond to fix any issues.
I spent many weeks researching the many arcade machines available on the market, I haven’t tried the others so I cannot comment on them but what I can say is that I am delighted with my Arcade Wow machine and I love it!
I hope this helps you to buy an arcade machine that you love too!

Paul B
Feb 22, 2024

5 star review
Highly recommended.
Rob was friendly and really helpful every step of the way with my custom build. And the end result was better than I had imagined.
My machine was delivered to the room of my choice and demonstrated.
Give Arcade WOW a try, you won't be disappointed.
Dec 1, 2023

5 star review
Top service!
Had this machine for about 6 months now and used regularly.....just does what it does....perfectly. looks great in the at parties and a solid proffessional build that is fully sorted and a joy to own and use.....great service...bought from stock and drove away on the day. Helpful knowledgable and enjoyable purchase and ownership!
Gary Oliver
Oct 2, 2023

5 star review
From start to finish, service was seamless - communication was superb throughout and the arcade is amazing.
Amanda Mcconnachie
Aug 28, 2023

5 star review
Great shopping experience! Really pleased with the arcade machine and delighted with the service.
Darren Wilkinson
Aug 28, 2023

5 star review
I've spent the last few years dreaming about getting my own arcade machine, however the choice on the market can be overwhelming. You have the likes of the Pandora boxes or quickly built machines from other companies, but what worried me was the the aftersales support. I found ArcadeWow one weekend after building up load of browser tabs comparing different companies and went through their reviews which really highlighted how Rob and his team have continued to support their customers after purchase. On a whim I reached out over email. Rob was quick to respond and followed it up with a personal video showing exactly how all the navigation works and what to expect from the machine. That response completely sold me.
I ordered the machine and it turned up a week later. I was shown how to use it and just went from there.
The quality of the machine is excellent and any issues or question i've had have been immediately followed up by Rob either by calls, short video examples or video calls.
Most recently i wanted to understand the back-end i.e. switching emulation or remapping the buttons on certain games. Rob arranged a call with me and spent a good hour taken me though some of the games i had issue with and gave me a full explanation of what to do. You couldn't ask for a better service. We even had a chat about how the machine is built and I found out that the vinyl covering is UV resistant, which is great to know as i've moved it nearer a window.
If you are thinking about whether or not to purchase, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend and use ArcadeWow again.
Alan Lilley
Jul 26, 2023

5 star review
Great arcade machine, all the retro classics from the 80’s and 90’s. Build quality is excellent, would highly recommend
Alan Green
Jul 22, 2023

5 star review
Great product thanks Rob and Co.            
Byron Barrlow
Jun 10, 2023

5 star review
Great quality machine & great service. Looks awesome all lit up at night. Proper size machine not like some of the cheaper ones. Well worth the money.
Jun 7, 2023

5 star review
Fantastic service from start to end. Rob kept me up to date all the way through and delivery was exactly when he promised. Loads of helpful links and videos to get set up. Even the delivery guy Brian is knowledgeable. It doesn't arrive like a courier delivery and you're on your own. No this gets delivered to the room you want, is set up and overview.

The machine itself is fantastic. You name it, it's almost certainly on there. Sturdy build, amazing sound, there's nothing more you could wish for. No issues whatsoever, but if there were, I'm confident they would get Delta with. This is the service you wish everyone gave. Thank you!
Leigh Man
May 12, 2023

5 star review
Highly recommend Arcade Wow
Can not recommend Arcade Wow highly enough. The quality of the arcade machines is just fantastic and took me by surprise to be honest. As i am fairly local I popped over and collected the arcade machine in person and found Rob to be a honest down to earth friendly person who i trust to help me should i ever have any issues. I feel the price was excellent value for the quality of product and would highly recommend Arcade Wow.

Paul Rad
Mar 16, 2023

5 star review
Really positive experience
Really positive experience - there is a real passion for the product and amazing after service.
My unit had an issue, but Rob gave up his time on a Friday eve and over the weekend to diagnose. Spare parts were shipped out for Monday and everything sorted with constant communications throughout.
The actual arcade machine is great quality, a fantastic range of games and love playing it.

Matt K
Mar 14, 2023

5 star review
Arcade WOW arcade machine for sale.
Built to a fantastic standard, will be buying another soon!!

Simon Pettersson
Mar 11, 2023

5 star review
Defender style arcade machine for sale
I’ve had this machine for a couple of weeks now, and I love it! The quality of the build is excellent and the game choice is fantastic. We’ve had hours of fun on it already. The service from Arcade Wow through purchase and delivery was the main reason for choosing them. Great communication through the selection process and fast delivery and setup. I’ve no doubt that should I face any issues, Rob will be available to help work through them. You can buy cheaper, but you get what you pay for, and this machine is first class.

Joel Reid
Mar 7, 2023

5 star review
THE place to go for Retro Arcade Machines!!
This is the 2nd machine I’ve purchased from Rob.
Again very impressed with the machine and customer service second to none! Go see his showroom, amazing quality builds!!

Simon Pettersson
Mar 6, 2023

5 star review
Excellent Communication and delivery...
Excellent Communication and delivery arrangements.
Machine delivered on time with excellent customer service.
Would highly recommend and super machine.

Simon Dowell
Feb 26, 2023

5 star review
More than impressed…
The quality is amazing & so many classics to play which i feel will never get boring. The customer service has been absolutely fantastic. Anyone interested in an arcade machine i would recommend going for arcade wow.

Feb 24, 2023

5 star review
Amazing company..really fantastic
Amazing company ... really fantastic. Well made machine made in UK not cheap foreign copie ... loads of support should u ever need it ... Rob is lovely !!
This Machine will even have ur teen kids playing 80s retro games with you!
Fantastic choice of games thru ALL platforms.

Susan McNeill
Jan 30, 2023

5 star review
Arcade Wow Wow Wow Wow
Fantastic machine loaded with every game u could ever want.
Excellent build quality easy to manoeuvre if u need to menu system outstanding.
You can see before you buy such friendly helpful people.
Whatever Rob says will happen if u have an issue Rob will always sort it out .
On delivery they put in a room of your choice set the machine up and show you how to use not just deliver on a pallet to your front door.

If u are unsure go see for yourself before you buy.
Remember these are made in U.K. not just cheap imports should u have a fault years down the line all parts are available and Rob can fix it.
I call him the arcade GEEk.
Best £1500 I have ever spent only one concern the wife has now started playing on it glad I haven’t got kids or else I’d never get to play it.
Love his dog also.
If this is what u want I wouldn’t even look anywhere else outstanding machine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 24, 2023

5 star review
Arcade WOW Mortal Kombat style arcade machine for sale - brand new multi game retro Arcade WOW Mortal Kombat style arcade machine
I would absolutely recommend Rob and Arcadewow if you are looking for an arcade machine with all the classics then look no further

Paul Kenning
Nov 23, 2022

5 star review
Fantastic friendly service from Rob!
Amazing build quality, far better than anything else out there I’ve seen. Don’t make the mistake of buying elsewhere because it’s cheaper! You will not be comparing apples with apples.
Go see his showroom and you’ll see what I mean!!

Simon Pettersson
Nov 13, 2022

5 star review
Fantastic product and exceptional customer service!

Oct 21, 2022

5 star review
Super impressive company! ArcadeWOW!
Super impressed with this company.Rob was Very friendly to deal with and really efficient! Bought a Defender styled arcade machine and am loving it! All the classic games I remembered playing early eighties! Quality of the speakers, joysticks and buttons have been great so far.
Oct 13, 2022

5 star review
Enthusiasm and customer service.
Rob builds lovely looking cabinets and his customer service is amazing. Machines are great fun - and it’s been really lovely seeing how my little boy wants to play two player / team games with daddy. Had mine for about a year now, and it gets used more now than it ever did as my little one gets older. But, like I said, the enthusiasm Rob has and his willingness to help fix things (even when I screw up) make the difference.

Richard Burrell
Sep 19, 2022

5 star review
Great product and service
When the machine arrived I asked Brian the driver if he would help me up a flight of stairs which he done willingly and amiably. Was shown the basics and then it was away to go. Screen went off after 4 hours and I phoned Rob who investigated (they were new European screens) and didn't realise that after 4 hours of no activity, they go into standby. This was sorted in no time at all and the after sales service can only be described as wonderful. Would highly recommend.
Bethan Davies
Aug 3, 2022

5 star review
Really pleased with the quality, useabilty and most of all how much all the Games are. I love it.
Specially the star wars theme.
Would definitely recommend. They were so helpful with recommendations and ease of play.
It takes Pride of place in my man cave.

Jul 26, 2022

5 star review
Absolutely amazing machine, well built and care to detail taken... Great communication from the company and information given on the machine for all aspects.
Very much recommend.
Gareth Griffiths
Jul 15, 2022

5 star review
Back In Time!
I Spent many hours as a kid playing on a seafront arcade, This is as close as you will get, top quality machine, sounds ace and the little details make it even closer. Rob has defo done his homework, Well done mate love it! 😎
Daren Ayling
Jul 15, 2022

5 star review
Arcade WoW, the best quality and service
Very pleased with the Arcade Machine I purchased. High quality build, great communication and service, I would highly recommend Arcade WoW 5-Star.

Peter Holton
Jul 14, 2022

5 star review
The best machine I’ve ever bought!! Fantastic build and stunning to look at!!
So much in love with the old school donkey kong classic!!! Rob was a star from start to finish with us!! and still has time to txt with customer care!! Look no further for buying a top top quality retro games machine!! All the family play it!! and have had some great games nights with friends!!
5 star machine & 5 star bloke Rob!!
Cheers Steve.

Jul 3, 2022

5 star review
Rob was amazing from first contact to after purchase support. Always replied to my emails instantly in a friendly and professional manner. Don’t hesitate to contact him if your Interested in purchasing one of his arcade machines, you won’t be disappointed.
Richard Allen
Jul 3, 2022

5 star review
It took us 15 minutes to wrap up this beast with 21st birthday paper, it took George 7 seconds to get it off. He was actually emotional on seeing what it was....., he had no clue. I have to congratulate Rob on an amazing bit of kit, very well made with lifetime backup.
Thanks, it really made his day, and he has worked out that it will take 41 years to get through everything if he does one game a day!!!!! so no more need for presents until 2063, amazing value for money.
Thank-you Jan

Jan Madgett
Jun 19, 2022

5 star review
Fantastic product and wonderful service. The team really care about the customer experience and go the extra mile to make sure of an outstanding experience.
Richard Tufft
Jun 7, 2022

5 star review
Brilliant service, Quick, knowledgeable and lovely people. Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.
Claire Wilson
Jun 2, 2022

5 star review
The design of my machine is great and it was also personalised with our surname at the top.
May 25, 2022

5 star review
The arcade machine is built very well and I just luv all the games can’t ask for a better games machine
Scott Smith
May 23, 2022

5 star review
The service from start to delivery was great and I would recommend them to everyone.x
May 20, 2022

5 star review
You want WOW go to ArcadeWOW
Awesome full size and unique machines giving you that perfect mix of nostalgia, but built with care and attention to detail, using new methods to give you outstanding value and a purchase to be proud of. Love the showroom, love the passion shown by the people putting them together and simply can't give enough praise. Go spend 10 minutes with one of these high class machine, you won't regret it. You want a arcade experience in your own home, then go to these guys. WOW sums it up, could not be more happy with my new centrepiece to my home. Thank you. Highly recommended.

Silent Bob
Apr 27, 2022

5 star review
Absolutely outstanding service & quality.
Absolutely outstanding service from Rob from start to finish. Many questions answered very quickly, nothing was too much for him. A visit to the showroom cemented my purchase, then going through different designs to him personally delivering my machine.
Customer service at it's best, above and beyond in every sense and the quality is amazing, takes you right back to your childhood.....Love it :-)

Gillian H.
Apr 2, 2022

5 star review
Fantastic and very helpful service from ordering to delivery.
This present really had the 'WOW' factor!
A day to remember.
Thank you.

Apr 1, 2022

5 star review
Great service from start to delivery, very helpful with all questions ask, brilliant arcade machine very happy.

Thank you.

Jonathan Parker
Mar 18, 2022

5 star review
Simply outstanding all round!

From the first conversation I had with Rob I knew how passionate he was about his product. He couldn’t do enough to answer my questions and explain how the machine works.

The help video was also first class.
Delivery and setup was straight forward and the delivery guy was also so helpful.

I researched arcade machines for a while and so pleased I used ArcadeWow.

If you’re in the market for one don’t use anyone else.

A. Holland
Mar 3, 2022

5 star review
Super friendly and quick service. Although now office competition in Space Invaders and Asteroids is getting intense!
Feb 7, 2022

5 star review
First class advice and service from start to finish.
Jan 18, 2022

5 star review
Absolutely brilliant company, their customer service is second to none and the main man, Rob, can't do enough to help.
Look no further than ArcadeWow, you won't be disappointed.
John Spavins
Jan 13, 2022

5 star review
Brilliant service. Brilliant machine. Highly recommended.
Alan Edwards
Jan 12, 2022

5 star review
Fantastic quality product, bought for my son’s for Christmas and absolutely loved by all of us. Rob couldn’t have been more helpful throughout the purchase process!
Dec 30, 2021

5 star review
Wow where to start looked on line spoke to the guys asked lots of questions got all the right answers the guys were so helpful and talked me through the machine, so I ordered it there was great communication all through the process delivery within a couple of weeks and man it’s the bomb brought back so many child hood memories so easy to use and navigate 10/10 you won’t get better ❤️😎
Sean Munro
Dec 22, 2021

5 star review
Outstanding service
I had been looking for an arcade machine for my father for a while to give him back some of them nostalgic memories from when he was a kid.

Most sold online are old vintage machines so you'll only get one game. plus all the breakdowns and lack of original parts ect Other's are built too small and miss the finer details you would when spending this sort of money.

I stumbled across rob on eBay and went backwards and forwards with a few messages he kindly agreed to get this done before xmas for me as it is a present for my dad and me being me ordered late as usual.

I have just received it today and can tell you the build quality is second to none the interface is flawless and sound is spot. But best of all Rob keeps you updated every step of the way you never feel like it's too much trouble emails come back within the hour questions always answered.

You can tell Rob's a real enthusiast and he's pride and quality in the work he does shows.

Again thanks Rob for all the effort you put into this unit for my dad I hope you and your family have a great Christmas.
Ben Croney
Dec 22, 2021

5 star review
Awesome product with great customer service, Rob is a pleasure to deal with. Cannot recommend enough, thank you!
Dec 6, 2021

5 star review
Great service and a great product
Dec 2, 2021

5 star review
Got to say they are the best at what they do amazing service thank you again for a fantastic arcade machine it’s the best I’ve ever seen.
David Niven
Nov 28, 2021

5 star review
Custom Arcade Machine
Great machine, quickly delivered and Rob was fantastic to deal with as we had wanted a custom machine. Nothing was too much bother and the machine looks fantastic, would definitely recommend!.
Stuart Duthie
Nov 10, 2021

5 star review
Quite simply - OUTSTANDING
When we started looking for a games machine there were quite a few options out there but the first thing that swung us to Arcade Wow was the fact that it had 15,000 games more than the others we had looked at. We then phoned them and spoke to Rob who was brilliant. Talked everything through with us, answered all our questions and by the end of the conversation we placed our order. It was a real pleasure to talk with some who had a real passion for his product and business and within 7 days we had our machine delivered and installed.

The machine certainly lived up to its expectations and in fact in our opinion exceeded them. The only thing i would say is that when you first get the machine, becuase it has all kinds of console games it does take a while to get used to what buttons do what with each game as it does differ, but like anything new, once you get used to it it is fine.

Then we encountered a problem !! The extension cable inside the machine blew and the machine came to a sudden halt.

Now, this is where a company comes into its own these days. It is one thing to sell a machine, but the real test is how something is dealt with when something goes wrong. Here Arcade Wow shone light a bright star. Rob again was absolutely brilliant and was more than happy to drive up to us to either repair or replace the machine, once he described what he thought the issue was and how it could be repaired we volunteered to assist rather than him driving all the way up to us. He sent us the parts, provided a personalised video showing how to repair and just as he promised it took no longer than 5 minutes.

I absolutely love our machine, love the company and Rob in particular is amazing. I cannot recommend this company enough especially when you consider this is a considered purchase.

Stephen Page
Nov 10, 2021

5 star review
Great service and the equipment is top class. Many thanks to Rob and Brian.
Tomas Tamosaitis
Oct 12, 2021

5 star review
Detailed Replica Arcade machine
Excellent cabinet ! Excellent service! For retro gamers this is a must! An amazing 15,000 games Wow ! After sales service as I found out when I needed help, spot on ! Delivered on a weekend no problem, help placing the machine and set up no hassle ! Thanks again to the lads at Arcade Wow!
Oct 11, 2021

5 star review
I shopped around for a while before purchasing an arcade machine and the one I've bought from Rob at Arcade WOW is definitely the best value for money. Firstly, I was able to visit the showroom and actually see and test the product I was going to purchase which really gave it that unique service as nowadays most things you just buy online.
Rob was so enthusiastic and passionate about the product he has built and you could tell that he really cared about making it perfect for the customer.

I purchased the Star Wars themed machine for my summer room and it's excellent quality, all the designs are amazing. You can even request your own design which is a really good.

It comes with nearly 15k games already loaded on, now I thought this would be slow but no it's quicker than your normal console and the quality of on the screen is unreal. You can really tell that Rob has used high quality products when putting this piece of kit together.

I recently had a party and the arcade machine was the star of the show, everyone had a go bringing back a bit of nostalgia from their childhood it's such a great thing to have. Completely worth the money and would recommend Arcade WOW to anyone was was interested in purchasing an arcade machine.

Ryan Keen
Sep 24, 2021

5 star review
Great looking machine with most of the old classics on it.
Popular with friends and family of all generations.

Ian Thomas
Sep 17, 2021

5 star review
Fantastic service from start to finish, highly recommended great arcade machine, Rob did an amazing job with my custom artwork and very helpful and great communication.
Dan Whatford
25 Aug 21

5 star review
Great product and great service. Great selection of classic games presented in a brilliant arcade machine. Rob delivered personally, set it up and showed me how to use it. Only thing I need is more time to play all the games!!! I would happily recommend to others.
Mr T
24 Aug 21

5 star review
Great, quick communication. Brilliant looking product and a small issue identified just after installation was rectified later on the very same day. Would highly recommend.
Christopher Bates
15 Aug 21

4 star review
Very enthusiastic and professional with their work. They even create a custom design for you if you don't fancy any of the designs that they have on their site. The arcades light up which a lot of arcade makers don't seem to provide plus contain more games then all the other arcade machines that are out there. Very good communication and friendly service. Highly recommended.
21 Jul 21

5 star review
I wanted an arcade machine for my games room, so I contacted ArcadeWow and arranged a time to visit their show room.
I had a good try of the machines, playing quite a few games. The sound and screen quality was amazing, and the machines look really good.
Rob was really helpful and genuine, explaining about the machines and showing me the inside of them and how they work.
I've had mine for a few weeks now and I couldn't be happier. The build quality is great and it's a real talking point when friends come over.
I would recommend getting in touch with ArcadeWow to anyone who is interested in an arcade machine.
9 Jun 21

 5 star review
Great customer service from Rob, I can’t fault him. The machine is fantastic and the whole family love it. I would not have any hesitation in recommending Arcade Wow.
John White
9 Jun 21

5 star review
What can I say about this arcade machine, it's absolutely fantastic the hardest part of the whole experience was which design of machine to choose, as for Rob the company owner what a top guy brilliant service from start to finish would highly recommend using arcade wow if you want something very special.
Andrew Wilkinson
26 April 21

5 star review
Amazing product and Rob was fantastic in building and delivering!
Thanks so much!
Nicholas Holender
5 Apr 21