Arcade Machine with a card reader - 100% contactless Arcade Machine to rent or buy.


Generate significant extra income - Arcade Machines with card readers are available on low cost RENTAL at just £29+VAT a week or for outright purchase. Built for commercial use our multi-game retro arcade machines are fitted with a contactless payments card reader so your customers can enjoy classic retro arcade games without you / staff having to deal with change or coin jams. 

Entice more customers to come to your venue, spend more and stay longer with the coolest multi-game retro arcade machine with a card reader. 

Benefits of an Arcade Machine with a Card Reader 

  • Generate extra income with 100% of revenue paid directly to your bank.
  • Great selection of classic retro games for customers - contact us for a GAMES LIST
  • Entice more customers to come to, spend more and stay longer in your venue.
  • Use your 'free play cards' in marketing initiatives to entice customers to visit on quiet nights or to book rooms, booths or specific items bar or menu items.
  • Track the machine status and revenue 24 x 7 via your own mobile phone app.
  • No extra venue licenses required.
  • No internet required only a 4g mobile data signal - plug & play.
  • Full support for you and your customers.
  • UKCA safety certified and have product / public liability of £10m.


or you can buy your own Arcade Machine with a card reader here.

Get a cashless non coin-op Arcade Machine for your venue!

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